August 2022 – This autumn Penfield release a campaign featuring two clear themes and a creative that ties back to its unmistakable roots as an authentic American outdoor brand.

“Small people in big space” è space’ showcases this season’s product line shot in a variety of west coast iconic locations with a message that we as a race should be humbled by the variety and scale of the the true outdoors and in turn should realise we are responsible for so much in this fragile world. The campaign paints vista from the open expanses of salt flat deserts to the saturated backdrops of the Alabama hills the great outdoors humbles a product line of authentically outdoor inspired clothing from blanket striped and check overshirts to signature down layering.

Interwoven through this backdrop the 2 nd seasonal campaign of ‘Rights to Roam’ sees the brand travel west from its east coast roots as a group of friend’s pack light and travel far, load bikes with supplies and cameras and head of to live in the BLM for 4 nights whilst documenting the friendship and fun of escapism in the busy lives we all live. 5 riders live in 3 of the seasons key product drops from August to September as we travelled 800miles cross country, living in tents and on camp stoves, with sunrises and sunsets and drinking rye under the stars…. Fairly unforgettable stuff.

The brand partnered with Here Studio and Workingholiday Studio for production and travelled with the talented photographer Carlos Gil who kept the film rolling throughout. Brand Director Tom Duncan says “the brand has a 50-year legacy of a life in the open, this season continues to add to that by telling a true story of the American outdoors”

Penfield collections are available and can be purchased from a selected network of retailers throughout Italy