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August 2023 – Thanks to an important step towards eco-conscious fashion, G-STAR RAW presented its revolutionary capsule collection, “ZERO h2o”. This collection develops around an innovative dyeing process called “FOAM DYEING”, a cutting-edge technique that uses water-based foam to dye denim with unprecedented environmental efficiency. With an 89% reduction in the use of chemical products, a […]

Immagine precedente Immagine successiva July 2023 – Lyle & Scott has announced ‘Kits for Clubs’, its biggest ever initiative to benefit the amateur football community. The brand will supply free customised kits to amateur teams and clubs around the world. Beginning with a seven-figure investment, the campaign aims to bridge the financial gap between amateur […]

Precedente Successivo ‘More or Less’ exhibition spotlights the endless possibilities of denim and the tension betwee the desire for more but the need for less. Amsterdam/Milan, 17 April 2023 – Denim brand G-Star RAW and leading artist and designer Maarten Baas have teamed up to create a series of thought-provoking design and art pieces made from denim […]

Precedente Successivo August 2022 – This autumn Penfield release a campaign featuring two clear themes and a creative that ties back to its unmistakable roots as an authentic American outdoor brand. “Small people in big space” è space’ showcases this season’s product line shot in a variety of west coast iconic locations with a message that […]